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Liwa (Dar Alahliya/2011)


My first collection, gathering my early works, was written in Haifa and southern Germany, won the young writer's award from Al Qattan foundation in 2010.

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Young Writer of the Year Award
Like the Woman from Lod Bore me 
(Dar Alahlia/ 2015)

In my second poetry collection, I reimagined the mythological events in the life of Baal, the Canaanite God, through a journey he makes in 2015. 

Unturned Stone (Dar Alahlia/ 2017)

In 2017 I created a bilingual Arabic / German anthology, in which I gathered eight Palestinian and German poets and together we tried to discover new things about our Identities. 

Don't Believe Me If I Talk To You Of War (Almutawassit, 2019)

With raw and charged emotion, Azaizeh absolves herself from anything she must say about war, while sprinkling salt on the very same wounds. We can only understand her reasons for renouncing her responsibility by untangling the strings she spins around her poems, in which she frees all the despair and passion accumulated behind seemingly safe walls. Songs lose their tune and people lose their names and watching life’s mundane scenes will leave you feeling besieged and outraged. (Almutawassit, Italy)    

dont belive
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Dutch Edition

Geloof me niet als ik vertel over de oorlog (Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas, 2019)

"This collection has opened my eyes. Not only to the regional conflict, but especially to the talent of Azaizeh, which she uses to precise effect".




Michael Tedja, Poeziekrant, 2019


Translated by: Nisrine Mbarki


Swedish Edition

Tro inte på mig när jag talar om kriget
(Ramus/ 2019)

"Of the Poetry books translated into Swedish in 2019 - one stand out in particular: Asmaa Azaizeh's "Don't Believe Me If  I Talk To You Of War"

Sebastian Lonnlov, 23/12/19



Swedish National Newspaper

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Translated by: Jasim Mohamad

The Body I Once Climbed 
(Dar Alahliya, 2022)

This collection is a poetic mourning diary that documents the way I experienced grief over my father.

Cover design: Adam Zuabi

Illustration: Tavo Montanez

Font design: Nihad Awidat

Editor: Ali Mawasi

Blurb by Qassim Haddad

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